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Mission and Vision

History and background
Hotel Eden is the second oldest hotel in St. Moritz and since 1865 an important part of the world famous tourist region of St. Moritz-Engadin. In our house there is no conflict between tradition and progress, they are complimenting one another. Preserving old traditions and at the same time adapt to the guest’s desires is a challenge which the Degiacomi family and its employees have been trying to fulfil during all times. Today, Pia Jehle-Degiacomi runs the hotel in the second generation and still tries to follow the principles of her parents. It’s a two-season-hotel, typical for the mountainous region of Engadin. Summer is perfect for stressed people living in towns who want to relax in the mountains far away from busy shopping malls, who want to discover this beautiful region during hikes and who want to get energy from nature for their everyday life. Guests who visit us in winter are maybe not only in search of nature and sports but also the chic atmosphere in the mountains which St. Moritz is famous for. See and be seen, relax and talk about it all. But also in winter behind the stage there are opportunities for those who simply are in search of relaxation. A world where both is possible. In any case coming back to the hotel shall mean coming home, coming to a place where our guests may once again revive their new experiences in a cosy and historic atmosphere. This is what we stand for and what we want to bring to our guests – by competent advice and a lot of hints that only locals that are deeply rooted in the valley may give. The human is in focus and our entire staff has one clear aim: to make every single stay, short or long, demanding or simply relaxing become a unique experience. We consider this to be our main purpose.
Our guests in focus, every day a new project and challenge and satisfaction every time we reach this aim. First of all it’s necessary to provide the basic requirements through improvements of infrastructure and comfort. But we want more. It’s our goal to show our guests that they are welcome by extra services, information, generosity and real friendliness. Everybody who has found a home in our house shall be able to enjoy his time, to relax and get many new and unforgettable impressions of our hotel and our beautiful valley. It’s the greatest compliment to us if a guest returns  to deepen his experiences and to make new ones. In this case we, the hotel manager and her employees, are happy and proud, because we may be sure to have accomplished the main issue of our mission.
In the future we will try to reach our ambitious goals, strive for improvements in the fields of personal guest relations and information as well as to contribute to the development of the quality brand “St. Moritz”. These goals can be reached by internal training measures that shall promote the awareness of friendliness towards all guests and interlocutors (not only in the hotel but everywhere, that is also in our village, on the slopes, on hikes, etc.) and therefore are a contribution to a good image of our hotel and the village. We want to be ambassadors and live our role as host in every situation of the day. We are aware that we are part of a whole and that we can only reach a positive image if all parts work together.
Unique and special
We consider ourselves to be something unique in a world that is continuously changing. Our task is to preserve and cultivate the precious structures in a way that makes the Engadin charm of the old days perceivable again. The breakfast room with its original panelling made from Swiss pine trees makes the day start in a relaxing atmosphere. The lobby with its courtyard architecture, unique in Switzerland, has a special and spacious ambience. After sports and hikes there is the possibility to relax, to have coffee and a piece of cake or to read a book in the spacious salon flooded with light. After dinner our guests may conclude the day next to our open fireplace. At this place the architecture of N. Hartmann and the pioneer’s work of the early days can still be perceived in front of marvellous panoramic views. This elegance of the past and the comfort of the modern times shall be a contribution to unforgettable holiday experiences. Almost 150 years of tradition and hospitality turned us into something truly special. And we will work for this mission also in the future, without exceptions. This is the motto for every single day and for all the employees of Hotel Eden, in the heart of St. Moritz.